RM100,000 to Repair Damaged Elevator at Desa Mentari Apartments


SHAH ALAM, July 24: Residents of four Desa Mentari Apartment blocks can heave a sigh of relief when the State Government announced a RM100,000 assistance to repair damaged elevators.

According to the Executive Councillor in charge of Housing, Building Management and Urban Settlers, Iskandar Samad, maintenance and reparation works to all elevators will use provisions from the Overhaul Assistance Scheme with Apartments (Ceria).

He said, the State Government is taking the initiative to help the residents following feedback from developers saying that the collection for the maintenance of the apartments was not enough.

“The State Government is concerned about the fate of residents who have to use the stairs up to the 18th floor during the Ramadan month.

“We decided to accelerate the process using the Ceria Scheme without following normal procedures because it has to be repaired as soon as possible,” he told reporters after the Exco meeting here today.

At the same press conference, Iskandar also informed that the State Government will consider setting up a special team to monitor, improve and solve elevator damage problems at low-cost apartments across Selangor.

He explained that this team will serve to monitor the situation of elevators at apartment so that any problem or damage can be detected early.

“The State Government takes the matter of elevator damages in Selangor very seriously, thus, by setting up this special team, any damage can be detected before it becomes serious,” he added.

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