Selangor Channels Assistance to Repair Assam Jawa SRA


SHAH ALAM, July 24: The Selangor Government will channel allocations to repair the damages at the Kampung Assam Jawa Religious Primary School (SRA) where the school’s roof and ceiling collapsed due to recent storms.

The Selangor Government Islamic Affairs Exco, Sallehen Mukhyi said that the reparation works for the roof and the ceiling will be carried out immediately because it involves the safety and comfort of students and teachers.

However, according to him, the State Government is also considering to construct a new building for the convenience of students and staff of the school.

“At this time, the State Government is focusing on carrying reparation works on the damages caused by the recent storm. But we are also looking to examine the PWD assessment on whether to construct a new building or not.

“The reparation works will begin in the nearest future,” Sallehen said when contacted by TVSelangor recently.

Sallegen however could not provide cost estimates for the reparation work.

Earlier, on July 15, the strong storm which hit Kampung Assam Jawa also damaged the roof and ceiling of the school.

During the incident, a teacher who was teaching in a classroom was injured when debris from the roof and ceiling collapsed.

The teacher was treated with five stitches to the head.

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