Is Oil-Spill Factory Owner In Hiding?


Rawang, 3rd Sept: The Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) has yet to track down the true owner of the waste lorry maintenance factory responsible for the recent oil-spill.

MPS Assistant Enforcement Officer, Paramasivam Chelliah revealed that during the raid on the factory, the owner had failed to appear.

How the owner was able to issue an open statement to a mainstream media two days ago with insinuations of being set up was a mystery to Chelliah.


“During the operation, the MPS was only in contact with our superiors. We are unsure of how The Star managed to communicate with the factory owner.

“He (the owner) can produce any statements he likes claiming his innocence, but we have enough damning evidence to convict him,” he said, commenting on the factory owner.

Prior to this, the English-languaged newspaper reported that the factory owner had assigned blame on his employees for disposing used oil into the river.

The owner also claimed to have sacked four workers of the factory immediately.

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