Selangor Budget 2014 Is People Friendly


SUBANG JAYA, SEPT 23: The Selangor State Government is formulating Selangor Budget 2014 by taking into account the will of the people through their discussions with community leaders during a dialogue session held at the Hotel Grand Dorsett Subang Jaya, running from today till tomorrow.

Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said the discussion is vital for the implementation of Selangor Budget 2014 in accordance with the needs and wishes of the people. Prior to this, the State Government had also carried out a similar dialogue to discuss the implementations of PR’s 13th General Election Manifesto (GE-13).

The feedback from the dialogue was included in the Five Year Action Plan.

“We run discussions in order to get feedbacks from community leaders such as village heads, Members of the Council, Members of the Legislative Assembly (ADUN), Members of Parliament, lecturers et cetera to discuss Selangor Budget 2014.

“We took the will of the people into account even though they know that the result of state budget is restricted between RM1.4 to RM1.6 billion,” he told reporters after opening the Budget 2014 Dialogue Ceremony here.

Abdul Khalid said emphasis on a balanced budget is his administration’s top priority. Any programmes and action plans will be drawn up based only on budget limits and in accordance with the State Government’s revenues.

“For Selangor, the budget should be balanced without any deficit spending. What we produce is what we can use,” he said.

In his speech, Abdul Khalid said the state government wanted to close the acquisition of the state’s water industry by December this year.

Equally important is the distribution of water shares to the people of Selangor should the acquisition be successful.

Meanwhile, Abdul Khalid also said that the 20 cubic metres of free water scheme could go on for another 10 years with the acquisitions.

Recognising the problem of housing for people of low and moderate-income, the construction of Affordable Homes in Selangor will be boosted via the new Affordable Quality Homes (AQH) policies, along with the semi-autonomy role delegated to the units under Selangor Housing and Properties Board’s responsibilities.

Among other purposes that were given emphasis is building an Integrated Database for all funded programmes, including the State Government’s statistical assistance recipients and beneficiaries of the State’s People-Based Economy agenda (MES), the listing of new programmes, and improving details of existing programmes.

To help boost entrepreneur economy, all entrepreneurial activities and programmes will be centralised under the State Entrepreneurship Centre as a one-stop agency for local entrepreneurial development, and thus increasing community programmes funded by the State Government.

The State Government will also undertake a comprehensive survey before establishing Selangor’s Scientific Halal Laboratory, which aims to address the issues of halal certifications for local products.

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