Shahrizat Cancels Lawsuit, Rafizi Continues to Expose NFC Scandal

SHAH ALAM, 11 Nov: The PKR Strategy Director, Rafizi Ramli, will continue to investigate the fraud scandal involving RM250 million of funds from the National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) project which is linked to the Umno Wanita Chied, Datuk Seri Shahrizat Jalil.

Rafizi, through his twitter updates, stressed that he will continue to seek out those who should be responsible in the NFC case, even though Shahrizat has withdrawn the suit against him and the PKR Wanita Chief, Zuraida Kamaruddin.

He said that it is likely that the withdrawal was done by Shahrizat because more exposure on the NFC scandal will come up in court.


“I will continue to investigate and seek accountability for the NFC issue even after the suit has been dropped,” he said.

Rafizi said this following the cancellation of the RM100 million lawsuit filed by Shahrizat Jalil against him and the PKR Wanita Chief, Zuraida Kamaruddin.

Shahrizat withdrew the suit before the High Court Judge, Vazeer Alam Mydin Meera, this morning.

In the suit, which was filed on 19 January 2012, Shahrizat claimed that Rafizi and Zuraida issued defamatory statements in their exposure on the NFC project.

Rafizi and Zuraida then filed a counter suit at the Kuala Lumpur High Court against the former Minister of Women, Family and Community Development in relation to a speech which was alleged defamatory, issued by her on 9 March.

Previously, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) suggested that the government project, which was awarded through direct negotiations and involved soft loans, should be examined by the cabinet, especially if it involves “family and allies”.

The MACC said that the move would avoid problems like what happened in the NFC scandal from occurring again.

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