Press Statement

Selangor and Penang PR Governments Step Forward to Strengthen Democracy

Youth Solidarity Malaysia (SAMM) congratulated the Selangor and Penang PR Governments for moving another step to strengthen democracy in their administration radar. On 18 September,


Every year, 10 Zul-Hijjah (literally means “Possessor of the Pilgrimage) is the day for Muslims to commemorate and celebrate the happy day. The Zul-Hijjah month

Najib Finally Realises the Danger of the TPPA after the Insistence of the People

(PRESS STATEMENT) Najib Razak has finally realised, due to the insistence of the people, that the TPPA ‘trespasses’ the sovereign rights in formulating regulations and

Audit Report Leakages: Bring Culprits to Justice – Anwar

PRESS STATEMENT Assalamualaikum, Good Morning and Greetings, We thank Tan Sri Dato’ Setia Haji Ambrin Buang and his team at the National Audit Office for