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Kampung Berembang: Umno-BN Demolished, Pakatan Rakyat Builds

AMPANG, 23 Apr: The Pakatan Rakyat administration and the Barisan Nasional administration is like heaven and earth if compared. The expression came from the mouth

Umno-BN Already Stole the Manifesto Idea, Now They “Steal Credit” From the Achievements of Selangor PR

SHAH ALAM, 29 Apr: The credibility of Umno-BN has allegedly plunged again when the coalition tried to garner voter by “stealing credit” from the Selangor

Kampung Berembang: Umno-BN Roboh, Pakatan Rakyat Bina

Zharif Zulkiffeli
AMPANG, 23 APR: Pentadbiran Pakatan Rakyat dengan Barisan Nasional bagai langit dengan bumi kalau nak dibezakan. Demikian ungkapan yang terpacul dari mulut Umar Hamzah Yaacob,

Resident Claims MCA Seized Land in Kampung Sungai Terentang

RAWANG, 29 Apr: A resident in Kampung Sungai Terentang here claims that the 6000 square feet land owned by his family since 1954 was seized

After 20 Years of Waiting, Only Now the Sg Delek Bridge Has Been Completed

KLANG, 29 Apr: The wait for more than 20 years by the local residents around Selat Klang, especially those in Kampung Delek to receive a

Dahlah Curi Idea Manifesto, Kini Umno-BN “Curi Kredit” Kejayaan PR Selangor

Muhammad Asri Sapfie
SHAH ALAM 29 APR : Kredibiliti Umno-BN Selangor didakwa menjunam lagi apabila gagasan itu cuba memancing undi dengan ?mencuri kredit? kejayaan Pakatan Rakyat Selangor. Terbaru