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Company Accused of Polluting River Ordered to Vacate Premises


RAWANG, SEPT 9: The factory which allegedly caused the oil pollution in Sungai Selangor has been ordered to vacate its premises by the President of the Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) within 30 days, effective 9 September.

MPS Enforcement Assistant, C.Paramasivan said that MPS has placed their members on the premises to ensure that the owners comply with the order.

The seized premises was reopened for that purpose only. All equipment, facilities and goods have been taken out of the factory to be recorded.

“The factory owners can vacate the premises starting today (9 September), as early as 8am till 7pm. If this factory cannot be vacated in a month, we will wait for further instruction from the YDP (President),” he told Selangor Kini.

The factory which has been illegally dumping waste since 13 years ago was hit by controversy when they were allegedly responsible for disposing black oil waste into Sungai Gong, which flows out to Sungai Selangor recently.

In line with the State Government’s response, MPS acted quickly and seized the factory on 31 August. MPS also seized 20 devices such as welding equipment in addition to two tankers containing black oil.

Meanwhile, an employee of the company who declined to be names explained that the company has adhered to the decision by MPS and promised to vacate the factory within the prescribed time.

He added that all goods from the factory will be moved to several different locations including Ampang, Kundang, Klang and Ijok.

“It is hard to complete (emptying the factory) within a month, but we will try. The owner proposes to move next year but the factory was seized first,” he said.

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