Coalition Opposes Redelimitation of Electoral Boundaries

saifuddin nasution

The People’s Coalition (PKR) will oppose any proposals for redelimitation of electoral boundaries as long as the present Electoral Committee (EC) leadership are not removed from their posts.

“The redelimitation of electoral boundaries which was expected this year will be repudiated as long as the EC leadership remains,” said PKR Secretary General, Dato’ Saifuddin Nasution Ismail.

“The people demand that the current EC members should be relegated. There is no wisdom in addressing questions of redelimitation which are feared to be an advantage for UMNO-BN,” he said to Keadilan Daily.

He also said that the EC had failed the people in the 13th General Elections, particularly with their ambivalent behaviour and deceit over the supposedly “indelible” electoral ink.

“The EC failed to handle the electoral ink issue with contradicting excuses,” said Saifuddin.

He also revealed that the dozens of election petition filed in the court were evidence of no-confidence in political parties, including BN.

“Many of the filed petitions are evidence of EC failure,” he said.

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