Anwar: Central Government Should Emulate the Leadership and Tolerance of Islamic Caliphate

PUCHONG, 5 Jan: The statement issued by the Perak Mufti, Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria, that the blood of government oposers, who participated in a legal demonstration, are halal (lawful) to be punished by death for Islam to be seen negatively.

The Central Government should emulate the move by Saidina Ali Abi Talib when he was the Ar-Rasyidin Khalifah, who sent Ibnu Abbas to meet with rebels before declaring the opposers ‘bunghah’ (rebels).


The Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) de facto leader, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, said that the move to send Ibnu Abbas to be taken to find out the real issue caused the people to not be satisfied and took a stance against his government.

“Saidina Ali sent Ibnu Abbas, who was considered a very modest and well accepted person. He did not send a General of the Inspector General of the Police and so on.

“Currently, there are those among certain parties who have made this ‘bunghah’ issue to attack Islam. This is a big mistake. This is not a clash of religions, but a clash between superficial people who are using religion for political purposes,” Anwar said.

He said this when delivering a lecture at the People’s Independence Course which was held at the Centre for Democratic Reform and Social Initiative today.

Anwar also informed in the course attended by about 200 participants that the ‘bunghah’ issue has also been touched in religious texts in Johor, which have been used in hut religious schools in the state.


“Among the important texts in Johor used in Religious Schools in Johor, namely Mutaal Badrin, are used in many hut schools.

“According to teh scripture, before (declaring) ‘bunghah’, an intermediary that is deemed independent should be sent to them to ask what is their issue, why they are angry, why they are condemning the government, is there an injustice,” said Anwar.

Anwar added that what is stated in the Mutaal Badrin text is in line with the actions of Saidina Ali, who sent Ibnu Abbad to meet with those opposing his government.


“So not talk about religion with intent to punish. If this is the approach, when Malays and Javanese were still Hindu, did you still think that there were those who did not want accept Islam? Certainly not.

“Islam is sincere because of its prudence, wisdom. Because of its tolerance and confidence to make something better and fair, not instil fear and hatred,” he said.

Previously, Harussani, in a statement, said that those who demonstrate against the assembly to protest against the rising cost of living in Dataran Merdeka recently are the ‘bunghah’ and whose ‘bloods are halal’ to be killed.

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