Amirudin Shari Volunteers to be Central AMK Chief

SHAH ALAM, Jan: The volunteer for positions in Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) began when the Assemblyman for Batu Caves, Amirudin Shari, stated his stand to compete for the post of the Keadilan Youth (AMK) Chief in the party elections this year.

Amirudin said that he received positive feedback from members at the grassroots level across the country on the matter.


“Since before the 13th General Election (GE13), I made visits across the country. From Sabah, Sarawak and Perling, right up to Johor, and I received positive feedback.

“Almost all places stated their support and I see a space for me to run for the position of AMK Chief,” he said, quoted from The Malaysian Insider.

Amirudin, who served as the Deputy Chief of AMK, previously also expressed confidence that the top leadership of PKR does not have any problem if he wished to continue his intent.

“This party is open and democratic. Some members of the top leadership would certainly have no objection to me contesting,” he added.


The election for PKR leadership members should have been carried out in October last year, but it was delayed due to the GE13.

It is also understood that based on the PKR Constitution, the party also needs to carry out the election before May this year.

“I am more concerned with support from the grassroots and also AMK members who will vote during the election,” said Amirudin.

In an earlier statement, Amirudin said that the agenda of developing youth organisations should be a priority to encourage progressive masses, rooted in intellectual thought and also the principle of a fight, which comes from community values.

“Therefore, after obtaining consensus and support from friends, especially AMK members from across the country, I express my desire to offer myself as a candidate for the position of AMK Chief in the party election this year.”

“Hopefully, this desire will continue to drive the ambition of the people to implement the reformation agenda,” he said.

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