MITI should submit TPPA analysis report

PETALING JAYA, 14 Oct: The failure by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) to submit an analysis report on the cost and benefits is among the reasons why the Malay Economic Action Council Berhad (MTEM) rejects the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA).

The former MTEM Executive, Aliff Basri, said that the TPPA issue touches on the aspect of the people and race even though the body is an NGO that serves in the interest of small entrepreneurs and Bumiputera traders, in particular the Malays.


“The study on the cost-benefit has been two years and we have asked MITI, but the reaction has been slow.

“After we insisted, they finally agreed to conduct the research,” he said as a panelist in the ‘TPPA: Malaysia Sold?’ forum organised by the Independent People’s Coalition.

He stressed that the rejection of the TPPA is not based on presumptions, but statements asking all parties to wait for the full details to be presented first before it is being disputed is deemed inappropriate.

He explained that the TPPA is creating competitive challenged among developing countries and developed countries.


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