Selangor Government Denies Developing Selangor Foundation Land.

Klang, 09 NOV: Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid deniesd charges of former Selangor Foundation alumni regarding a plot of land belonging to the said Foundation in Klang which is to be developed as a Chinese Cultural Centre.

According to him, the State government has yet to decide on any plans regarding the development of the said land.

Also, it is clear that the 7.49 hectares of land officially belongs to the State government.

He explained that previously, the land had been given to a private company in 2002 by the Umno-BN government at the time.

Since the company failed to develop the land, the Selangor government nullified the deal and reclaimed the land.

Abdul Khalid also denied permission had been given to develop the land into a Chinese Cultural Centre.

“The company empowered by the Selangor Foundation failed to develop the land privately.”

“Additionally, five to six people including individuals from Umno has written letters to me requesting to develop the land,” he explained in a press conference following the opening of the Halal Fest at Masjid As Syariff, here.

Obviously, the deal was nullified due to its one-sided nature.

“It is stated in the deal that the Selangor Foundation had transferred its powers to the company.”

“We will develop the land except that we have no plans at the moment,” he said.

One newspaper reported that the Children of Selangor Foundation Acting Members Chairman, Badrulzaman claimed that the said land belongs to the Foundation and will be developed as a Chinese Cultural Centre.

They also claimed that permission had been given in a rushed manner to back up the Selangor Foundation.

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