National Zoo Vist Organised by Sungai Pinang State Assembly Cultivates Interest in Nature

AMPANG, 9 NOV: Cheer was evident on the faces of the Standard 3 students of SRJK Pin Hwa when they were taken to visit the National Zoo.

The school’s first excursion under the ‘Ranger Kancil Zoo Negara Tour’ program organised by the Sungai Pinang State Assembly Office had provided exposure and cultivated the students’ interest in nature.

According to their Mandarin (language) teacher, Loo Boon Pei, there were those amongst the students that were visiting the National Zoo for the first time.

Physical Education and Science teacher, Shawn Khor Joo Huat was of the opinion that activities such as this have the capability to further expand students’ minds so as to be more actively involved in the learning process.

“A worthwhile program. I can see the students so excited and happy during the visit.”

“Services provided by the zookeeper were also good. They explain about what is available students were able to actively participate.”

“For the students, this is something worthwhile and meaningful. They do not just leisurely walk around, but they get to learn new things, “he said.

190 students attended this third program.

Previously, this program was organized by the State Assembly (DUN) office for SJKC Pin Hwa and SJKC Kong Hoe.
Overall, a total of 525 students and 56 teachers from DUN Sungai Pinang have benefited from this program.

The DUN has allocated nearly RM 29,000 for the three visits to the National Zoo; this includes the cost of the bus rental and food.

According to the Sungai Pinang assemblyman Datuk Teng Chang Kim, this program gives students the opportunity experience first-hand what is available National Zoo.

“This program is one way to help schools fill in the gaps in the education curriculum.”

“We have seen a positive reaction from students’ that are excited when they are brought here”.

“There are probably busy parents, so we are of the opinion that this program is beneficial to them,” he said when met at the foyer of the ‘Show Amphitheatre’, at the National Zoo”.

Teng, who is also the Speaker of the State House, said that he would recommend that this program be part of the Selangor state education program.

Meanwhile, the Department Head of Education at the National Zoo, Junaidi Omar said he welcomes this kind of interactive programs with schools.

“We provide message and education. This is a platform to communicate with the concept of recreation and education”, he said.

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