KPKT the Reason Buyers Failed to buy Homes of ‘Abandoned’ Project


SHAH ALAM, August 6: The Selangor Government regrets that buyers of an abandoned housing project which has been fully recovered failed to secure bank loans following the negligence of the Ministry of Urban Well-being, Housing and Local Government (KPKT).

The Exco for Housing, Building Management and Urban Settlement, Iskandar Samad said, the failure in being unable to secure a bank loan is because the KPKT still lists the project as ‘abandoned’.

Stating that the State Government has received many complaints, he said that the failure for prospective buyers to secure a load has caused the developer to face the problem of selling the remaining units thus financially impacting them.

“There is a Low-Cost Housing project in Subang which has been successfully restored and is now 80 percent completed. But because KPKT still lists it as an abandoned project, 140 buyers failed to secure bank loans,” he said.

Thus, Iskandar urged KPKT to remove the restored project from the blacklist so that it can be completed on schedule by the developers.

He hoped to have a meeting between the state government and KPKT in the near future to discuss the problem in addition to other housing issues.

“The other issue is the rising house prices, the construction of Affordable Housing and the maintenance of strata development.

“The State Government has twice written to the minister regarding the application to hold a meeting, however there has been no reply till now,” he said.

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