2013 Budget: Efficient Spending, Higher Development

SHAH ALAM, 19 Nov: The Selangor Government has once again come up with a balanced budget with RM1.630 billion allocated for 2013.

The Budget has raised the allocated funds for development to RM600 million and has lowered funds for administration spending by RM3 million. This is following Selangor’s efficient management of funds.

Apart from that, the state government’s savings reserve has reached RM2.570 billion as of 31st October 2012.

The 2013 Budget will emphasise three main strategies which is to strengthen Workforce Management, Financial Resources, Administration and State Assets; Sustain Innovative and Modern Development; as well as to strengthen the Rakyat’s Quality of Life.

The Budget was presented by the Minister of Selangor Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim in the Selangor State Assembly session today.

According to the Chief Minister’s press office secretariat, the Budget, themed ‘Selangor, Leader of Malaysian Economy’ will be allocating RM 996,980,690 or 61% for operating expenditure.

RM 633,019,310.00 or 39% will be allocated for development expenditure.

The State Government will allocate about RM 343 million or 54% of the infrastructure development allocation to build public facilities (RM 297 million) and housing (RM4.7 million).

Meanwhile RM118.2 million will be allocated for programmes under the ‘Selangor People’s Ecomony’ (Merakyatkan Ekonomi Selangor) policy such as the Golden Age Friendly Scheme (Skim Mesra Usia Emas), university acceptance gifts and the Selangor Children Heritage Fund (TAWAS).

Under the State Asset Management strategy, the Selangor government has identified state assets or public assets worth more than RM27 billion.

Those assets are Movable Assets (capital assets, inventories and stocks) and Immovable Assets (Land and Building) worth RM 15.2 billion.

There are also over RM 12.3 billion in water assets such as dams, water treatment plants, ponds, pump houses and distribution systems data.

In efforts to get value out of every ringgit spent, the State Government managed to save RM 102.2 million from the implementation of the open tender system.

In addition, RM 81 million was saved when the State Government took over the management of solid waste since last year.

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