‘Hero of Change’, Pak Samad confirmed to be with DAP

SHAH ALAM, 13 June: National Laureate, Datuk A. Samad Said, who is affectionately knows as Pak Samad, is confirmed to be joining DAP after his inclusion was announced by the party’s advisor, Lim Kit Siang, today.

Kit Siang also called Pak Samad as a Hero of Change and submitted a membership card to the Tetamu Senja poet.


Meanwhile, Pak Samad said that he has long wanted to join DAP but never did so previously.

He said that as a writer who has been in the literature world for a long time, there is no meaning if his works do not reach out to the people.

Pak Samad said that there are people who do not quite agree with his move to join DAP.

“They think that this will hurt the image of the National Laureate, but to me, it is not a problem because with every action, there are pros and cons,” he said, taken from Malaysia Kini.


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