Women’s Empowerment Centre Sets-Up Online Sales

SHAH ALAM, 29 Nov: The Selangor Women’s Empowerment Centre (PWB) will set-up online sales to facilitate customers, who are interested in the handicraft of women in Selangor, obtain products made and to expand the market.


The Executive Councillor in charge of Welfare and Women’s Affairs, Rodziah Ismail, said online sales could double their income.

She said, this is because previously the barriers of distance and so on made it difficult for buyers to buy these creative and innovative goods.

“I have discussed with various parties to continue this online method of selling so that every handicraft made by the women of Selangor will not be limited to only the empowerment centre.

“The challenges faced by women in Selangor include time constraints and so on. However, I believe that the women in Selangor can overcome this because the women in Selangor now more mature than before,” she said.

She added that with reforms in this women’s empowerment programme, women in Selangor are able to take part in developing the economy.


“We have to provide guidance and training to these women, regardless of if they are young or elderly, to ensure that women’s empowerment can be maximised.

“With the PWB Mart and online sales, I believe that it will be a destination awaited by all to buy products produced by the women of Selangor,” she said.

Rodziah, who was met when inaugurating the PWB Mart at the grounds of Melawati Stadium said that this shop will be located in Shah Alam.

It will also house a wide variety of merchandise produced by every women’s empowerment centre across Selangor to be market simultaneously.

The ceremony attended by over 600 people consisting of visitors and participants of the women’s empowerment centres across Selangor was also enlivened with the presence of the Executive Councillor in charge of Entrepreneur Development, Dr Daroyah Alwi.

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