Selangor 2012 New Year’s Eve Modest But Lively

SHAH ALAM, 1 Jan: Although there was no concert that incurred huge costs, the 2014 New Year’s Eve celebration in Selangor, held at Dataran Kemerdekaan last night, was lively.


With the presence of thousands of visitors, the celebration, which ran for the third year, maintained the concept of simplicity with slight amusement and a theme that was suitable for all ages.

This is evident from the presence of over 3,000 visitors who brought along their families.


Various interesting programmes were organised, starting from a congregational Isha prayer at the square, followed by a casual chat with Selangor Executive Councillors, Iskandar Samad, Dr Yunus Khairi and Dr Halimah Ali.


The celebration was handled by the Selangor Dream Generation (GEMS) also features performances from some well-known national celebrities such as Nora, Raja Farah, Aishah, Ammar and Hafiz Hamidun.

Slightly different from celebrations elsewhere because there were no fireworks at 12 midnight, the celebration continued with talks from an independent speaker, Ustaz Haslin ‘Bollywood’ and Ustaz Don Danial.


In addition to the programmes, visitors were also given the opportunity to explore stalls selling clothes, food and a government information booth.

The celebration was also enlivened by activities from the motorcycle club, Alternative Riding Club (ARC) and Riders Selangor Motor Race.


At the end of the programme, visitors and invited guests stood to sing the national anthem, Negaraku, and the Asmaul Husna dhikr.

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