Agencies Urged to Take Action Against Growing Number of Illegal Gambling Centres

KLANG, 14 Feb: The Member of Parliament for Kapar, G Manivanan, has urged the authorities, especially the police and the Klang Municipal Council (MPK), to investigate the growing number of illegal gambling centres around Kapar.

He said that he has found that illegal gambling centres have increased to a point that there are over 30 illegal gambling premises in the same location.


What is more shocking is that there are some illegal gambling centres that are operating ‘comfortably’ about 50 metres from the police station.

“Results from monitoring have found that there are not one, but several premises close together, as if the premises owners have no anxiety about action from the authorities.

“The thing that caught the attention of the Member of Parliament for Kapar is that gambling centres at Jalan Raja Mokhtar were close to the police station.

“We are puzzled about why the police and its members, as well as MPK, have failed to detect these gambling centres and take action,” said Manivanan in a press conference held at the Kapar MP’s Office at Klang Sentral yesterday.

Manivanan hopes that decisive action will be taken by the police and PK within seven days to solve this problem, once and for all eliminating negative perceptions on the ‘immunity’ and boldness of owners of these illegal gambling centres.

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