Pulau Ketam attracts tourists with its own beauty

SHAH ALAM, 13 Nov: Pulau Ketam, which has its own beauty and uniqueness, can entice local and foreign tourists, this encouraging the tourism industry in Selangor.

The Manager of Public Relations, Communication and Selangor Tourism Marketing, Nazri Tashiq, said that the state government’s efforts to develop the island are in a timely manner for the benefit of the state’s tourism.


“Tourism Selangor fully supports the efforts of the Chief Minister Mohamed Azmin Ali, to ensure that Pulau Ketam is always in pristine condition. Pulau Ketam is one of the tourist attractions in Klang.

“Although the tourists that come are not from the elite community, it attracts local tourists and tourists from neighbouring countries, like Singapore. It is a focal point for them to explore interesting places on the island,” he told Selangor Kini.

He said that the cleanliness in Pulau Ketam should be given attention in ensuring the comfort of tourists, not to mention the warmth of the island community which can attract visitors.


He said that the state government should pay attention to the development of upgrading the island’s jetty, together with the federal government, for the comfort and safety of visitors.

“It is the first attraction to draw tourists to Pulau Ketam. This island can become a focus especially during weekends and public holidays. This shows a positive development in the tourism industry and can help the local residents’ economic income through the tourism industry.

“The government should help provide good infrastructure and have high standards to receive more tourists in Pulau Ketam,” he said.

Nazri said that Tourism Selangor is willing to help promote the island through tourism programmes and events, including news broadcasting and reviews of tourists, as well as publicity through social media sites.

Recently, Pulau Ketam became a public focus following a newspaper report saying that it is one of the islands in Selangor that is under the threat of destruction and there are concerns that it will disappear from the world map as a result of exposure to wave erosion due to massive destruction of mangroves that previously protected it.

Five other islands identified to disappear due to severe erosion are Pulau Klang, Pulau Che Mat Zin, Pulau Tengah, Pulay Selat Kering and Pulau Pintu Gedong.


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