Gombak Parliament GE-13 Results


GOMBAK, 6 May: PKR Vice President, Azmin Ali once again managed to defend the Gombak Parliamentary Seat by securing 54,287 votes, defeating the BN and Independent candidates.

Azmin obtained a 4,734 majority vote with BN candidate, Datuk Dr Rahman Ismail earning 50,093 votes and Datuk Paduka Said Nazar (Independent) obtaining 474 votes.

When met after the counting of votes at Sungai Pusu Secondary School (SMK) Hall, Azmin expressed gratitude for the unwavering support given by the voters at the Gombak Parliament.

He said that he promises to take the trust given by the people as best possible to ensure that Selangor continues to progress under Pakatan Rakyat (PR).

“I feel happy for the support shown by the people. Although the results took some time to come through, it showed that the voters in Gombak once again gave the mandate to PR to govern Selangor,” he said.

Apart from defending the Gombak Parliamentary seat, Azmin also managed to win the Bukit Antarabangsa constituency seat with a total of 16,502 votes, beating Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate, Mohamad Nazim who obtained 12,485 votes.

Three other constituency seats; Batu Caves, Hulu Kelang and Gombak Setia were also successfully defended by PR.

Below are the full results of the Gombak Parliament election:

Gombak Parliament
Azmin Ali (PKR) -54,287
Datuk Dr Rahman Ismail (BN) -50,093
Datuk Paduka Said Nazar (Independent) -474
Majority: PKR won with a majority of 4734
Damaged votes: 1353
Total Ballot papers out: 107,162

Batu Caves Constituency
N.Rawi (BN) -11,291
Amirudin Shari (PKR) -14,552
Suman A / L Gopal (Independent) -182
Majority: PKR won with a majority of 3261
Damaged votes: 418
Total Ballot papers out: 26,524

Hulu Kelang
Saari Sungib (PAS) -21,310
Abdul Rahim Baharudin (BN) -18,429
Majority: PAS won with a majority in 2881
Damaged votes: 256
Total Ballot papers out: 40,319

Gombak Setia
Riza Ridzwan (PAS) -20,757
Said Anuar (BN) -19,076
Majority: PAS won with a majority in 1681
Damaged votes: 378
Total Ballot papers out: 40,455

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