Replica of Amputated Leg: Mahfuz Advises Muhyiddin to not Overact


SHAH ALAM, 4 Nov: Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has been advised to not rush to release a statement regarding the case of hanging replicas of amputated legs which is now under police investigation.

The Committee Director of the Sungai Limau State Legislative Assembly By-Election, Datuk Mahfuz Omar, said that Muhyiddin’s move to deny the involvement of Barisan Nasional (BN) supporters in the incident, as reported by the media, only raises bad perception towards the party.

He said, previously he had never mention the act of hanging the replica was done by the BN machinery.

“There is no need to overact and he is so defensive. This can give a bad perception towards BN in this case, seeing that previously said that this is a shameful deed without mentioning any party.

“In fact, let the police investigate, but the actions makes it seem that he (Muhyiddin) is ahead of the police investigation,” he said when contacted by TVSelangor today

Meanwhile, commenting on today’s development of the Sungai Limau By-Election polling day, Mahfuz said that until now, he does not know of the incident where a woman in the BN camp was allegedly boxed as reported by the media.

He also stressed that the Sungai Limau By-Election voting process was running smoothly without any unwanted incidents taking place.

“Insya-Allah, PAS will be able to defend the Sungai Limau seat in this By-Election. The opportunity looks very promising,” he said.

The Sungai Limau State Legislative Assembly By-Election was held after the death of the incumbent, who was also the former Chief Minister of Kedah, Tan Sri Azizan Abdul Razak, on 26 September.

In this by-election has 27,222 registered voters and the seat is being contested by PAS candidate, Mohd Azam Abd Samat, and BN candidate, Dr Ahmad Sohaimi Lazim.

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