LZS helps hydrocephalus patient


SHAH ALAM, AUG 8: The case of Noraisya, a hydrocephalus (liquid in the head) patient since she was seven months old, has received the attention from the Selangor Zakat Board (LZS). Her case has also gone viral on the internet.

Based on the LZS website, Noraisya’s mother, Nasnawati Aswi, is forced to raise Noraisya and her other child on her own since her husband disappeared more than six months ago.


“Noraisya, her eldest, has been suffering from hydrocephalus for the last six years, since she was seven months old.

“To support her family and make ends meet, Nasnawati does part-time rubber tapping,” it mentioned in a statement.

Coming to the family’s aid, LZS has provided immediate assistance of RM500 in cash as well as necessities such as disposable diapers, milk and rice.

Besides that, LZS also offered support in house rental and monthly financing to ease the family’s burden. LZS also contributed a bed to Noraisya for her comfort.

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