Green technology to manage solid waste

SHAH ALAM, 5 Aug: Green technology based on micro-aerobic is in research to be implemented as a solid waste management initiative in Selangor.

Exco for Local Government, Legalising Illegal Factories and New Village Development, Ean Yong Hian Wah said the study covers the cost, short and long term effects and so on before the pilot project begins.


He said the Selangor government also sees the ability for organic or domestic waste disposal to produce high-quality fertiliser.

“The Selangor government always welcomes green technologies that are effective, innovative and efficient to replace the land fill that will expire one day.

“We also want to ensure that waste management systems are more environmentally friendly and ensure the welfare of the atmosphere,” he told the Selangor Kini.

Recently, Ean Yong and the Selangor delegation held a working visit to Bangkok to look at aerobic micro-technology.

The visit is part of state government’s ongoing efforts to explore the latest technology to ensure that solid waste management is well and good.


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