Only 50% Permission Required for JMB to Change Bulk Meter Supply


SHAH ALAM, August 1: The Joint Management Body (JMB) for every apartment still using bulk meter supply need only 50 percent permission from owners to migrate from bulk meter supply to individual meter supply.

The Executive Councillor in charge of Housing, Building Management and Urban Settlement, Iskandar Abdul Samad said, the decision is expected to facilitate the migration that will ensure that resident of apartments that do not receive free water through individual meters or the Report and Get Programme will enjoy 20 cubic meters of free water.

According to him, the Selangor Economic Action Council (SEAC) meeting on 6 June 2013 ordered for the Selangor Water Supply Company (Syabas) to approve the residents’ permission to 50 percent.

“The meeting was chaired by the Chief Minister of Selangor and was attended by representatives of Syabas, headed by the Executive Director of Technical Development, Ir.V.Subramaniam,” he said.

Previously, Syabas required for 100 percent permission to change the meter.

In the meantime, the State Government received complaints that there are still apartments that have been unable to carry out the migration despite receiving 50 percent permission.

Thus, the JMB is required to contact the Selangor Housing and Property Board (LPHS) at 03-5102122 for migration to be carried out.

To date, 30 areas have received 50 percent permission from units occupied but has yet to receive approval from Syabas for the migration.

“The State Government, through LPHS has established a special committee, the Permai Committee, to take measures to ensure that the migration process can be implemented immediately,” he added.

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