CM: “Satisfied when I can solve the people’s problems”

SABAK BERNAM, 25 Sept: The day’s fatigue would disappear when what is dreamed if finally implemented.

However, for the Chief Minister, Mohamed Azmin Ali, the satisfaction comes not because he gets something for himself, but the satisfaction of solving problems faced by the people.


Mohamed Azmin said that among the achievements that have given his satisfaction was when the state government managed to launch the construction of nearly 20,000 units of affordable housing for the people of the richest state in less than a year.

“What provides me impetus to continue to serve is when Exco members, Assemblymen and government officers provide full support.

“I am happy and satisfied when the people;s problems are solved, such as matters concerning education and housing. This is a huge state government agenda.

“When I see affordable housing projects being done massively and in an organised manner, I am very happy for finally providing benefits to the people,” said Mohamed Azmin to Selangor Kini.

He said this during the Selangor Chief Minister’s Premier Qurban Programme in Sabak Bernam in conjunction with Hari Raya Aidil Adha at the Sultan Hishamuddin Mosque in Pekan Sabak today.

He added that the state government is also focusing on development in rural areas by urbanising rural communities with a variety of infrastructure needed.

“That is what makes me happy and I think that we need to continue this effort and this is not my achievement alone, but a team effort,” added Mohamed Azmin.

On September 23, it was exactly one year since Mohamed Azmin was appointed the Chief Minister of Selangor to replace Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.


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