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IWB emphasises women’s role in state development


SHAH ALAM, JUNE 22: Setting-up the Empowered Women’s Institute (IWB) will dignify women’s positions in Selangor plus their importance in Selangor’s development and progress.

Its Advisor, Zuraida Kamaruddin said that IWB is the State Government’s effort to acknowledge women through their involvements in various sectors by jointly putting their effort in turning Selangor into an exemplary state in this country.

“It is to emphasise and dignify women’s role and positions through a progressive policy, IWB will boost women’s position in Selangor.


“If we look at Federal and other states, they are quite slow on such effort, hence if Selangor can implement this, other parties and states will envy us,” she said to SelangorKini.

In the last 2017 Budget announcement, Dato’ Menteri Besar, Dato’ Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali touched on the setting-up of IWB and a RM10 million allocation for it.

The Ampang Member of Parliament said, women in Selangor are in a more progressive and advanced position compared to other states and IWB will ensure that efforts will be done to maintain it.

She said, this is consistent with the State Government’s effort to turn Selangor as a ‘Smart State’ by 2025.

“Women must participate and play a role in the state’s development as Selangor is experiencing admirable progress in terms of technology and economy.

“In fact, the society in Selangor is considered more progressive and exposed to current information and more open-minded.

“Women should not be left-out and their potential should be used to jointly bring Selangor to a more advanced level where the competitor is the Federal,” she said.


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