OSA not obstacle to transparency in Selangor


SHAH ALAM, JUL 24: The State Government has always practiced the principle of transparency in information to the public and it does not hide behind the Official Secrets Act (OSA) and the Security Offenses (Special Measures) 2012 (SOSMA).

Sekinchan Assemblyman, Ng Suee Lim said, that is different from the Federal Government’s administration which uses various acts to hide misconducts in their administration.

“If it is Federal, they would use OSA to cover their scandals but for Selangor, neither OSA nor SOSMA will stop the State Government from being transparent,” he said.

He said that when debating the motion brought by the Agency, Statutory Bodies and Subsidiaries Elect Committee (JP-ABAS) during the Second Meeting of the Fifth Term of the 13th Selangor State Assembly.

He said leaders in the federal are also at high risk of losing their jobs if they question certain issues which are being deliberately hidden.

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